White Label Program

We have two basic programs to help you get started selling your own brand of coffee online, our Private Label and our White Label programs.

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Private Label vs White Label

Private Label

Private Label lets you fully customize every aspect of your product. On the plus side, you have full control over your items, from the coffee used to the packaging. However, there are minimum orders and so the startup costs can be higher. You can find more information about our Private Label Program here.

White Label

White Label doesn't give you the customization options, but it allows you to get started with a selection of our most popular items. This can be good if your just starting out, or want to have the freshest coffee possible.

How does White Label Work?

You can White Label any of the items on our White Label list. You would either provide the artwork for your own customized label, or ship your own labels to us. We have a commercial label printer in house, so we can print out your labels here, we just need your artwork. If you want to design your own labels, you can find a guide here, it should give you all of the information you need to make your label.
 Please keep in mind, we don't do design work here. If you need assistance, we can recommend a great graphic designer. If you just have a logo and want that on your label, we can do that for you, but it will just be your logo on a while label with all of the FDA required information on the rest of the label.

Item Setup Fee

If we print the labels for you, the price is 25 cents per label. The items get 2 labels, so the cost is 50 cents per item. To ensure that we can ship out to your customers either the same day or the next business day, we require that any items you choose for White Label have 10 front labels and 10 back labels pre-printed. This comes to $5. We apply the labels to the items when you get an order in, so the coffee is as fresh as possible. When you get down to 0 items per label, we will invoice you for another $5.  

Drop Shipping Fee

Drop Shipping is where we ship the items directly to your customers. The fee to do this is $1.50 per shipping package. A shipping package is the single shipment going to 1 customer, it could be just 1 bag of coffee, or up to 48 bags of coffee in a single order. This fee covers the packaging material (box, tape, packing slip), and the labor for shipping the package.
You can find more about our Drop Shipping Program here.

Monthly Fee

Our Drop Shipping program has a monthly fee. There are two categories, the first is if we have access to your website and we ship the orders from there. The monthly fee for that is $18. The second category is if we can install our shipping app onto your store. This will automatically bring in your orders to our system, and we will ship on our shipping accounts. The monthly fee for this option is reduced to $9.

Shipping Rates

We do not include shipping in our prices. When you get an order in, you will pay for shipping either through your website if you have that option, or through our accounts.