Drop Shipping Program

Drop shipping is where we ship product direct to your customers. It is an option for you if you use our Private Label Program. It is required for use with our White Label Program. Our name will not appear on the shipping package anywhere. We ship the same day or next business day.

Drop Shipping Fee

$1.50 per Shipping Package

Drop Shipping is where we ship the items directly to your customers. The fee to do this is $1.50 per shipping package. A shipping package is the single shipment going to 1 customer, it could be just 1 bag of coffee, or up to 48 bags of coffee in a single order. This fee covers the packaging material (box, tape, packing slip), and the labor for shipping the package.

Monthly Fee


No monthly fees

Shipping Rates

We do not include shipping in our prices. When you get an order in, you will pay for shipping either through your website if you have that option, or through our accounts.  
We have negotiated rates with UPS and FedEx, and some of the best rates with USPS.
To help you figure out rates, we can send a shipping report of what the costs have been over the last 30 days.

What to expect for shipping rates

Planning how your store is going to handle shipping can be nerve racking!  There are so many things to consider.  
Below is some methods you could use, along with their pros and cons.  
We have a shipping cost report that we can share that can give you the average shipping costs per bag over the last 30 days.  Just send us an email and we can give you an updated list.

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Free Shipping

Everyone wants free shipping!
Free shipping means the customer knows the price before checking out, so you will have fewer abandoned carts

Over 75% of your orders will be for 1 unit
Shipping 1 unit will have the highest shipping cost
Because of the shipping costs, your item price will have to be higher

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Charge for shipping

If your website platform supports it, you can just pass the shipping charges to your customers.

Best price for your customers, the more they buy, the cheaper it will be per unit
The Customer can have more flexibility in choosing the shipping method

Customers won't know the shipping price until checkout

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Shipping Rate Schedule

Shipping is $9
Orders over $35 pay just $5 for shipping
Orders over $75 get FREE SHIPPING

With proper signage, the customer knows the price before checkout
Orders tend to cluster around the discounts, it's not uncommon to never have an order at the lowest level.

Customers may be reluctant to give you a try since 1 bag will have an inflated shipping price (combat this with a shipping coupon)
The math is more involved, as you have to account for some amount of shipping expense that the shipping rates don't cover.

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Free Shipping with item discounts

You have to account for the highest shipping price, but can give discounts based on order volume.

You get the benefits of free shipping
being able to give discounts and coupons can help a lot with marketing.

The math can be very involved with shipping rates and discounts.