From One Case to Pallets And Anywhere In-Between

Wholesale Program

Coffee Beans

We are a coffee roaster with small batch and large quantity capabilities.  If you are an Office Coffee Service provider, or are interested in purchasing larger, pallet size quantities, we have a wholesale program that can work for you.


Our pricing is pretty simple, and for our stock items you can order from the website.
Place an order over $300 and you will get a 15% discount
Add discount code "OVER300" at checkout
For orders over $1,000 you can get a 25% discount
Add discount code "OVER1000" at checkout
**For orders over $300, shipping is not included in the price**

Deeper discounts are available at 10 cases per SKU, you can contact us for more information.

We can ship via UPS, Fedex, USPS, or for pallet size shipments we can arrange for LTL or Truckload shipments.

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Fractional Packs

Starting at 1oz packets, and going up, we can produce pillow pouch bags of coffee designed to brew one pot. A few of our most popular blends and sizes are here on our website. A standard case of 42 x 1.5oz of one of our blends will fit 180 cases on a pallet.
We can nitrogen-flush the packets for freshness, and we can print a 200 dpi monochrome images directly on the film for the blend name and date code, and even a version of a logo or simple image.
We can also use fully printed film with registration marks.

Bulk Packaging

We can package in 2lb and 5lb bags. We can do pillow pouch bags, packaged 2, 4 or 5 in a case, or retail packaging in stand-up side gusset bags. We have in-house label printing capabilities for simple blend/date codes, or full color retail labels. All of our bulk packaging has one-way air valves for freshness.

Founder image
Founder image

Retail Packaging

We have a full line of 12oz  retail packaging, including many options on stock colors. We can also print full color labels in-house, or help guide you through the process of fully printed bags. 

Single Serve Cups

We can produce single serve coffee cups made for use in Keurig machines.
You have the option of buying our stock products that have a fully printed lid with no company name, or you can have the coffee private labeled under your own brand. If you would like to private label your cups, there is a 5,000 minimum order for each sku for the lids to be printed. That is only for the lids and we can stock them here and produce the coffee as you order them. If you order in advance and have the finished product stocked here, then lead times are much quicker than  the 2 + week lead time we ask for when we make them when you order. 

30x2.5oz House Blend-Raptis Coffee
30x2.5oz House Blend-Raptis Coffee

30x2.5oz House Blend

30 x 2.5 oz French Vanilla
30 x 2.5 oz French Vanilla

30 x 2.5 oz French Vanilla

30 x 2.5 oz Colombian-Raptis Coffee
30 x 2.5 oz Colombian-Raptis Coffee

30 x 2.5 oz Colombian

140x2oz House Blend-Raptis Coffee
140x2oz House Blend-Raptis Coffee

140x2oz Bourbon Pecan Ground