Coffee fundraisers are a great way to earn money for your group or club!  We have a few different ways to setup your fundraiser.

The first way is to simply choose a few items and sell those.  This is the most cost effective way and gives you the ability to earn more.  Usually our most popular items are chosen, like House Blend and Bourbon Pecan, and we make it for you, all ground in 12oz bags.

The second way costs a little bit more, but can really increase your sales.  We start with a fundraiser sheet for each participant.  This has all of our blends and flavors, and the end user can choose whole bean or ground coffee.  We also have a selection of single serve items.  
Once you make your sales, the sheets are turned in and we produce the coffee.  When your order is ready, we will let you know and you can pick it up (or we can ship it to you).
  When you pickup your orders, they will be grouped together by the order sheet, so there is no sorting for you!  Just pass our the boxes to the sellers, and they can distribute the coffee to the people they sold it to.

  With both options, you can choose to use our "Raptis Coffee" brand, or you can send us your groups logo, and we can make a bag for you.  There are a variety of bag colors to choose from.

Bag Colors

Custom Bags