Shipping Policy

Our shipping prices are as follows:

For orders less than $25, we charge $10 in shipping.
For orders over $25 but less than $75, we charge $5 in shipping.
For orders over $75 but less than $300, you get free shipping.
For orders over $300, this is considered wholesale, and you pay whatever the carrier charges us (we endeavor to get the best rates, and will send you an invoice for the shipping before we process your order).
Keep in mind, wholesale orders qualify for discounts, which in most cases, more than makes up for the shipping charges.

For most small orders, we will ship with USPS.  For larger order we generally ship with UPS or Fedex.  For wholesale orders, many options will be checked including UPS, Fedex, LTL or truckload.

Once your item is shipping you will be notified via email with the tracking information.  This email is generated when we make the shipping ticket, through the carrier will generally updated their system for tracking once they receive the package.

If an item is on stock, we generally ship it the same or next business day.  
Non-stock items must be produced, and therefor can take 2 to 3 days to make once the order is received.  The vast majority of the items in our catalog are not stock, and so are made fresh.  Any coffee items that are stock, are only that way because we produce large quantities of it because of demand.  The coffee made this way, while considered "stock" never sits for more than a day or two after roasting before it is shipped.