We offer a variety of 12 oz bags, regular and flavored, and also single serve cups. You decide on the selling price but typically you make 50%. 


Size and Grind: All 12 oz bags come in ground. If anyone would like whole bean, they can just specify that by their selection. If they would like decaf, the flavored coffees are available in decaf and they can specify that by their selection as well. The regular coffees cannot be in decaf with the exception of the decaf house blend that is already offered. 

Order Forms: We print order forms in house. You can send us your logo, tell us your selling price and how many order forms you would like and we will have them within a few days. During the fall and the holidays, it might take a few extra days for us to get those printed for you. Once the order is complete, we also sort the items by order form so you don't have to. 

Bags and Boxes:  We have a variety of bag colors to choose from. The single serve cups come 12 to a box and you can pick from white or kraft. 

Label and Logo:  When you send us your logo, we put that on the order form. We also put that on a label with the required FDA information. You are welcome to send us a fully designed label and if that is the case, here is a design guide to help with label size and requirements. 

Lead Time: Once order forms are dropped off, we will create the invoice and email it to you. You can either pay through that link or bring a check when picking up the order. We generally ask for a week, sometimes two, to fill the order depending on what is going on in production at that given time. 


Order Form Example

Below is a sample of our order form. We add your logo to the top left and your selling prices on the bottom left. 

Below is the back of the order form with all of the items listed. We offer 40 different flavored coffees, 6 regular coffees and 13 single serve options. 

Bag Colors

We offer a variety of different bag colors. From left to right they are: Glossy Silver, Glossy Gold, Kraft, Matte Brown, Matte Blue, Glossy Blue, Glossy Copper, Glossy Green, Matte Copper, Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon, Glossy Black, Glossy Purple, Glossy Red, Matte Black. 

Single Serve Boxes

For the single serve boxes you can choose from white or kraft boxes. 

Gift Box

During the Holidays we offer gift boxes in addition to the 12 oz bags and single serve boxes. It is a separate order form. Included is a 12 oz bag of their choice, 2- 2 oz samples and 2 biscottis. You can pick which 2 oz samples are in the box, but those will be for every box ordered, they are not adjustable on the order form. 

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