All about us

A family business, with large capacity

The founder, Ilias Raptis has been in the coffee business since the 80's. Working as an engineer at a steel factory in the Rust Belt. He decided to go into business for himself. Raptis Coffee was created in the mid 90's at a shop under our house on Elm Road. Starting small at first, we eventually started roasting our own coffee, and today we have a capacity of over 1 million lbs per year.

Fotini Raptis Facaros is Ilias' favorite daughter. Although she shares in many of the same responsibilities as her brother, George, she enjoys label design thus the reason for so many of our customized labels. Fotini also likes to make food, so the images on our website are all things that she has made to better explain the characteristics of the flavors.  

George Raptis is the resident nerd, besides handling orders and production, he handles the website and manages all of the computers on site.

Our factory is in downtown Warren, Ohio right off of State Route 422.  We use a fluidized-bed roaster, and a variety of grinders and packaging machines.   

Why coffee?

Before immigrating to the US in the 70's, Ilias grew up on a small island in Greece by the name of Ikaria (the island that Icarus fell to when he flew to close to the sun).  He has vivid memories of his mother roasting coffee beans on the stove in a clay pot.  His love of coffee, along with his entrepreneurial spirit, and engineering background, led to the creation of Raptis Coffee. 
At the begining we purchased whole bean coffee in bulk, ground it, and used a packaging machine to make little portion packs for local restaurants.  After a few years we purchased a roaster, and expanded our warehouse space. 
In 1996 we moved to our current location on Main Ave in Warren.  We've expanded the building, purchased a bigger roaster, more grinders and more packaging machines.  We've even created our own single serve packaging machines to keep up with new areas of consumer demand.