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Manual Cup Sealer

Manual Cup Sealer

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This is our Tabletop Manual Single Serve Cup Sealer.

Made to seal k-cup style pods or capsules. It uses a hand crank for manual operation.

A skilled worker can seal around 200 cups per hour.

For our uses, we have an assembly line with 2 to 3 people working it.  1 filler, 1 sealer, and 1 for prep/finishing work.

This machine is made at our factory in North East Ohio.

This machine is built to last!  All metal design, stainless steel housing.

Very simple electronics, made to be easy to service.

We are a coffee roasting company that happens to have a good engineering department.  We have been packing coffee since 1989.  We know the value of a good working / long lasting machine!

We can make tooling to seal 51mm standard cups, or 56mm filter cups.  Both sizes are made to fit in machines that brew k-cup sytle capsules.

For the 51mm cups, you can purchase cups and filters separately, or cups with filters already applied.  You can purchase blank lids to get started right away, or have custom lids printed.

For the 56mm filter cups, you don’t need to buy a filter insert as the cups are the filters.  The drawback is that they are not airtight, so you need to package them in an airtight container so the coffee doesn’t go stale.  The plus is that you don’t have the extra expense of a filter, and you can generally fit more coffee into the 56mm cups.

This machine works really well for:

  •   Larger companies with full size machines, this will allow you to rapidly make samples, or test new blends.
  •   Small to medium companies just getting into the single serve market.  We produce about 20 boxes per hour (12 cups per box), and that takes about 3 employees.  We are currently using a commercial filling machine, we are in the process of designing a tabletop version to be used with our sealer.
  •   Cafes with roasters.  You already sell your coffee in bags for the customer to take home, you might even sell them online.  You have probably had some customers say they only have a single serve machine at home.  This is your chance to offer your coffee to them!

You can see a video of it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmigWjRr4nM