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We are reviewing your questions and will get back to you as soon as we can.
In the mean time, you can go through the information below to learn more about us and our products and services.

There can be a large amount of information to review, and if your not already familiar with the industry, it can get overwhelming.  We will break down the information below to help navigate you to the right place.

If you would prefer to talk on the phone, our number is (330) 399-7011, we are generally available from 9am to 4pm Mon-Fri Eastern Time.

The Coffee

A good place to start is with the coffee itself.  We spend a lot of time sourcing our beans, and we get them from a variety of places.  A good sampling can be found in our Single Origin section
We make our own signature blends as well, you can find them in our Specialty Coffee section.

Besides the coffee we use, what really sets us apart is our roasting technology.  We use "Fluid Bed" roasters on all of our coffee.  Most coffee companies will use a traditional drum roaster, our is different in that we use a high pressure blower to agitate the beans, almost all of our heat transfer is through convection. This allows us to avoid "tipping" which is when the beans get scorched by the hot metal drum. The high airflow also allows us to more effectively strip the chafe off the beans.  
This roast method also allows for very rapid adjustment of heat and airflow, allowing for more precise control over the roast.  This, coupled with the artisan roasting software allows us to very effectively re-produce our roast profiles on each batch.

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Our Programs

If you have made it to this page, we assume you are looking for a new coffee supplier, or are wanting to get into the coffee business.
If we got it wrong, and you are just looking for great coffee, you can find links to more of our products in the next section down.
If you do want to get into the coffee business, we have a variety of programs to help you get started.
White Label:
If you don't have a lot of startup capitol, or you just want to test the waters before you jump in, this might be where you want to start.
Private Label
This is the next step up, you can more fully customize your products, and there are volume discounts available.
Drop Shipping:
This program is required with White Label and optional with Private Label.  This is where we monitor your orders, and blind-ship directly to your customers.
Whole Sale:
This is where you are buying our branded coffee, but with volume discounts.

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Flavored Coffee

Over 70 flavors to choose from
Flavored coffee list

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Specialty Coffee

Single Origin
Our Blends