A few notes on your items:
k-cups: We can no longer do a custom sticker on each cup.  Keurig has come out with a new brewer that is incompatible with the extra layer of material on the cup.  Now we have to use fully printed lids.  
The stock lid we have for your item is this below.
If you would like your own custom lids printed, we are working with a lid printer that can do low minimums per run.  The cost for your own printed lids is $100. The lead time can be pretty large though.

Shipping/delivery: You can choose to have your packaged delivered via Fedex or UPS at checkout.  You also have the option of setting the order for local pickup.  When you do this, there is no charge, and you can either pick it up here, or I can bring it to my house and let you know when someone will be there.